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Longer lasting Java code

We modernize Java code

Our tool of choice is JFocus, our in-house Functional Code Intelligence suite

JFocus keeps your Java code modern so it can stand the test of time.
  “Left unchecked, technical debt will ensure that the only work that gets done is unplanned work. ”  ― Gene Kim

Let your team focus on what matters most

Software development never stops evolving. Let your code move along to avoid growing technical debt and urgent, unplanned maintenance.

  • Every decade brings along new trends, but existing code doesn’t have to lose value if it gets modernized regularly.

  • Young programmers have been taught more recent patterns, and work more efficiently with code that is modern.

  • Security patches are typically applied to the latest versions of libraries and less to older versions.

  • Avoid a library lock-in: not being able to upgrade a host of libraries because of a critical dependency on a single old one.

  • By avoiding code duplication, utilizing the latest JDK features consistently, and implementing modern constructs, code can become more compact and readable. This ultimately leads to a reduction in maintenance costs.

Our mission:
Empower developers to produce and maintain
robust and appealing Java code

Let your Java code last longer with semi-automated
transformations and deep static code analysis

JFocus is a powerful and intuitive set of tools and services using
deep code analytics and semi-automated transformations to
analyze, modernize and evolve Java code.

JFocus is powered by e2immu, our purpose-built static code analyzer for Java

The ultimate tool to keep your Java code up-to-date

JFocus helps you evolve your Java code over time. Your code base becomes longer-lasting, easier to maintain, and more sustainable. JFocus helps you update language constructs, use the latest JDK features, use recent versions of your dependent libraries, and generally helps you avoid code duplication.


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