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as a service

Our expert team applies the JFocus code modernization

to your codebase 

JFocus as a service combines human expertise with advanced static code analysis to modernize your Java code. Upgrade your Java codebase and avoid creeping technical debt.




Our experts spend time studying your code and provide tailored advice and modernizations specific to your needs.


We do the work

Very little time is spent by your staff on the modernization of the code.  Keep your operations running smoothly while we do the modernization work.



We combine our expertise with the power of our toolset, making the service scalable beyond a typical consulting service.


Code modernization has many aspects.  Click the example topics below to learn more about their role in modern Java code.

Language modernization
Code regularization

Here the focus is not on using the latest constructs but on using the same construct in the same situation.  Regularisation leads to easier recognition of the semantic meaning of a piece of code by using familiar visual cues.

Migration and duplication

Next to the specific code aspects listed above, our modernization service also offers migration to more recent versions of the JDK.  This can be combined with migration to more recent versions of third-party libraries, either as a direct target or as a side-effect of JDK migration.

As a result of many of the code modernizations and regularizations mentioned, code duplication will be reduced resulting in improved readability and maintainability.  The JFocus service can also specifically target and resolve code duplication on a functional level. By means of deep static code analysis functional equivalent code can be detected and unified.  


A typical modernization project is organized in phases so that our team can benefit from your input on crucial aspects of the codebase while performing valuable modernizations efficiently and transparently.

  • Introduction to codebase by client experts

  • Discussion of modernization targets

  • Organize practical code access by CodeLaser team

  • Conduct code scan: combination of tools and expert analysis

  • Rank possible modernization targets and effort estimate

  • Define project scope and modernization objectives

  • Identify project stakeholders and timing

  • Define budget and resource plan

  • Define project success criteria

  • Iterative modernization interventions

  • Periodic interaction with client experts​

  • Test results and test adjustments

  • Review of executed modernizations with expert teams

  • Overview of possible code maintenance going forward

  • Delivery of modernized code

  • Delivery of modernization documentation

  • Post-project review

  • Client sign-off

Our JFocus service can start modernizing your codebase today.

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