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A powerful set of tools and services using deep static code analysis and semi-automated transformations to analyze, modernize and evolve Java code.

JFocus improves code quality and helps to reduce technical debt.

The core of JFocus is ready to go and on its way to becoming a stand-alone product. 

Read on to learn how you can benefit from JFocus today, and what plans we have in store.

  Current phase  

Phase 1: 
JFocus as a service

To let you benefit from JFocus we provide a service-based model by letting our team apply the modernization engine to selections of your codebase.

The combination of our experience and knowledge of Java in combination with our current early version of JFocus will evolve and modernize your codebase to keep it future-proof.

Phase 2:
Work-in-progress release 

The next phase will be a first public release of JFocus.

You will be able to download the work-in-progress version and try out JFocus with your team.

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Phase 3:
Commercial release

After code completion and testing in the hands of our team, JFocus will be released for commercial use by development teams.

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